IFStudio .Net

What is IFStudio .Net? Interactive Fiction Studio .Net is a freeware IDE for most common interactive fiction authoring languages (Inform, TADS, HUGO, etc.) on Microsoft's .NET platform

Project Info

Status Just started (no download available)
Operating System All 32-bit MS Windows (Win98 SE and higher)
Languages supported Inform
Programming Language Microsoft Visual C#
Translations English, Italian
Developers Tommaso Caldarola aka tomb -
License GNU General Public License (GPL)

Main Features

Visual Studio .Net environment like
Syntax Colouring
Go to Definition / Go to Reference
Indent and Unindent blocks of text
Comment and Uncomment blocks of text
Convert upper - to lower - case, and vice versa
Compiler and Run (file and project)
Add custom code snippet (plug-in mode)
... and more

Change Log

April 1, 2005 - Project Start


This page last updated May 2, 2005.